Why the Holidays are a Good Time for Job Searching

November 23, 2015 mokeefe

5 Reasons the Holidays are the Perfect Time to Job Hunt

Don't let the fast pace of the holidays put a halt to your job search; this is actually an ideal time of year to find a desirable position and CPS, Inc. will work with you to customize your search and to advocate for you in the process. There is a good deal of reasons that make this time of year optimal for seeking and finding a rewarding job:

#1 There are More Jobs Available
Employers often have to increase staffing around the holidays to account for peaks in business, especially in the retail and service industries. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean that employers only seek temporary, seasonal, or part-time employees. Oftentimes, to meet customer and client demands, positions become available during the holidays that would otherwise not be open. The holiday season offers a prime window of opportunity to obtain a position that may not be presented to you otherwise. And if you are looking for temporary or seasonal work, these job opportunities are particularly plentiful as new positions are also created on account of current employees taking time off around the holidays.

#2 There is Less Competition
Because the holiday season is such a busy time of year, people often put serious employment searches on hold on account of travel and increased social obligations. This widespread shift in people's schedules significantly decreases the size of applicant pools and reduces competition for desired positions, thus making it more likely to get an interview and in turn a position.
Looking to relocate back to your hometown? This would be an ideal time to schedule an interview with a potential new employer. Scheduling an interview while on your holiday time off could save the employer or yourself the flight cost and other expenses while showing your dedication to working at their business.

#3 There are Many Networking Opportunities
Holiday gatherings are the perfect time to connect and reconnect with people, and therefore to network professionally. Socializing affords the opportunity to find out about job opportunities early and first-hand--sometimes before they are officially posted--and to establish personal references. Being among the first applicants for a job can increase your chances of getting an interview, so make sure to capitalize on any job opportunities you hear about through socializing and networking by applying in a timely manner.

#4 Employer's Plan Budgets and Anticipate Turnover
Many employers reevaluate their budgets at the end of the calendar year and allocate funds specifically for compensating new hires. This is because employee attrition frequently happens at the end of the year, after bonuses are given out. Employers anticipate an influx of new employees around this time and are usually prepared financially to post and offer jobs. Keep a particularly close eye on companies of interest that typically have little turnover; if they do, it will likely be around the start of the new year.

#5 Your Search Demonstrates Your Drive:
Maintaining your job search momentum despite the bustle of the holidays is critical to keeping up your energy and morale, but it also reflects your drive and dedication to your potential employers. Prospective employees who carve out time from their busy schedules during this time of year make for impressive candidates.