What Are Employers Looking For?

January 29, 2016 mokeefe

Six Qualities That Will Increase Your Recruitment and Employment Opportunities
While it is true that different career fields necessitate different skill sets, there are several qualities that all employers tend to look for and that will help increase your chances of being recruited, and in turn hired, for a desirable position.

#1 Interpersonal Abilities
In short, when employers gauge a candidate's "personality," what they are really looking at is how he or she interacts with other people. Nearly all jobs require some amount of collaboration and teamwork, and the manner in which you cultivate and maintain positive and proactive relationships will greatly determine your success with a company. Your interpersonal abilities include traits such as empathy, integrity, honesty, courtesy, and dependability. Interpersonal abilities are often equated to "likeability," and the reality is that employers want to staff kind, honest employees who all work well together with minimal conflict.

#2 Communication Skills
Candidates who demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills have a serious edge with recruiters and employers. This is why resumes and cover letters are so important--because they provide a preliminary sense of how well a prospective employee can communicate. Once an interview has been secured on account of succinct and polished application materials, you'll have the chance to demonstrate both your interpersonal and verbal communication skills. Sometimes writing samples or tests are also necessary, and a successful performance on these will increase your chances of being hired.

#3 Adaptability/Flexibility
Employers are not just looking for candidates with flexible schedules; they are looking for employees who can grow and change along with shifting demands and circumstances. The most impressive candidates are those who are willing and able to step up to new responsibilities and step into different roles when necessary. How do you handle your work load when the office is short staffed? How do you approach structural changes and company growth? Make sure to stress your dynamic work ethic and mindset to both recruiters and potential employers.

#4 Self-Motivation
A good boss should not have to micromanage employees and is therefore looking to hire those who can, with the right amount of skill and training of course, work and problem solve independently. Employees who meet and exceed job expectations without being asked repeatedly will make an excellent impression and put themselves in a better position for promotions and leadership roles.

#5 Critical and Creative Thinking
Along the same lines as self-motivation, recruiters and employers give preference to those who demonstrate a strong intellectual capacity. To do so, make sure to stress your ability to brainstorm, to use both deductive and inductive reasoning, to possess a long term vision for the company, and to follow protocol while still thinking "outside the box." The most desirable employees can not only complete the tasks at hand, but can also generate new ideas, programs, and strategies for their employers.

#6 Technological Proficiency
In today's day and age, nearly all employers require employees to have some technological literacy, specifically in e-mail, Word or Pages, spreadsheet functions and formulas, etc. Make sure to be aware of any requirements on this front for all positions that you pursue, and become qualified if necessary. Do not embellish about your technological capabilities but do express a willingness to learn any new programs you may not yet be familiar with; this gesture indicates dedication and drive.

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