Ten Jobs That Have Grown Over 30 Percent in the Last Year

September 25, 2012 mbuckley

September 10th, 2012
By Stephanie Gaspary in Talent Factor

As the job market continues to be a central focus of political debate leading up to the Presidential election, CareerBuilder experts have identified areas of employment that are growing at an accelerated rate.

Pulling data from national employment resources, CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal has compiled a sample of occupations for which job listings have increased more than 30 percent since this time last year.

Among occupations with more than 30 percent growth in job listings since last year are:

•Software Engineer – job listings are up 74 percent year-over-year
With the proliferation of smart devices and the Internet and the race to get innovations to market first, tech-savvy workers are in high demand.

•Customer Service Representative – up 50 percent
Companies continue to invest in strengthening customer loyalty and extending sales opportunities across industries.

•Social Media Manager – up 48 percent
A position that didn’t exist in many companies five years ago, social media managers are being added to employee rosters as companies tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter and other venues to increase visibility, market their products and manage brand perceptions.

•Truck Driver – up 45 percent
An uptick in manufacturing activity and the demand for goods and services are keeping the roads busy.

•Pharmacy Technician – up 43 percent
An aging population and a sharp increase in the number of Americans with access to medical care is driving demand across health-related professions.

•Training & Development Manager – up 41 percent
Despite a tough job market, one-third of employers currently have positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates and half of all employers reported they have plans to hire workers who have no experience in their industries and train them. They need training managers to help fill the gaps for high skill positions and get employees up to speed.

•Financial Analyst – up 39 percent
Still recovering from one of the deepest recessions felt across the globe, companies need individuals who can provide guidance on market trends and investment decisions.

•Video Editor – up 36 percent
Forty-eight hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Companies continue to invest in ways to take their messages and initiatives viral. Video has become an integral way organizations share news about their organizations externally and internally.

•Sales Representative – up 35 percent
Companies need individuals who can deepen market penetration and drive top-line growth for their organizations.

•Chef/Cook – up 34 percent
Restaurant and food service jobs are increasing as the economy improves and households have more flexibility in spending.